Polly & Harry

Please Help Us To Bring Polly and Harry Home!

Two Scottish Terriers are missing from just outside the town of Pemberton in Western Australia, after vanishing from their home in highly suspicious circumstances, nearly 1 year apart! Please read all of the information available on this website to help solve this mystery.

Someone within the WA community knows something. Someone will have a friend or a work colleague that has a new Scottie in their family, or a friend down the road. There are not many Scotties bred in Australia each year, so please consider this if you see or hear about a new Scottie.

Imagine if one of your beloved Scotties was taken from you!

We are dedicated to solving this terrible crime and ensuring those responsible, no matter who they are, are brought to justice!

Somebody, somewhere knows what’s happened. Please help us to bring Polly and Harry home!

Possible Sightings

Thanks to our social media posts being shared over 2,000 times, many people in Western Australia are on the lookout for any Scottish Terriers.

So far we’ve had 3 alleged sightings of Scottish Terriers in the southern region of Western Australia. You can see these on the map here. We have more details of each of these on the Possible Sightings page.

Please refer to the full details of Polly & Harry, and be sure to make yourself aware of their unique features.

Please refer to the Contact page to see how you can report any sightings to us and the relevant authorities.